Leaning In

I was recommended Lean In by a couple of old college classmates. When I opened the book, I realized that it is talking the way I talk to myself. The book talks to empower. It conveys a lot of insecurities that women carry with themselves. The author challenges the assumptions of the society in treating women as a caregiver only. It presents one perspective of how the writer perceives a woman’s life could be. But it does not at any point say that that is the only way. The book talks to women who are unsure of how to make the tough decisions. It tells them that they should realize that they are not helpless. These women need to exercise their choice as to what they want from themselves.

The concern of work-life balance is a reality. I as a professional and a married woman understand it. It takes a lot of courage to write a book about something so close to oneself, something that needs opening yourself to your vulnerabilities and taking them head-on. The book tries to inspire the same courage and confidence in every woman.

I want my mother to read this book. I want all my aunts to read it too. Everyone who has typecasted women into this role of caregiver alone, needs to read it. Do the children growing up need their mothers to sit on their heads? Did the mothers removed by 2-3 generations give this much attention to their kids as is growing today? Who should decide what a woman should or should not do? Aren’t we responsible for stifling both the genders to accept their roles just as their respective society has witnessed so far? This read raises questions about the need for making informed choices.

A must read for every working individual in our society. As you read it, let it challenge your assumptions. Discover your own inherit behaviour patterns which are reinforcing this pattern. A concerted effort it might seem, but it’s essential nonetheless.

Also, next time you look at a female colleague, do not make your own assumptions based on her gender. 


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