For adventure’s sake

There are times I think this life is so stupid! I get out of bed only to attend to a zillion calls from customers and dealers. By the time I close my day’s work, I am so exhausted that I just can’t make sense of anything else. I need to eat good and sleep tight. That’s it! That’s my day!! So, to make it seem more sensible, I decided to get up every morning for brisk walks in cool summers’ dusk. I will meet new people on my way, exchange genuine smiles and at least for those 30-40 minutes, not think about anything in particular. Just me, with my adrenaline pumping in.

When I told about this revolutionary step I had taken, a lot of my friends argued that their lives are already too adventurous. Those who own their small setups claimed they have to deal with uncertainty every day. Those with field jobs claimed the touring exhaustion. Those who are home-makers showed me how vigilant they needed to be, to create a perfect home out of a house. Every one claimed that their effort needed to be persistent and in no way would it ever be completely acknowledged. I couldn’t take it that people presumed my life was a drag. So one of these jogging mornings I decided to sit back and plan on adding something more risky to my life. I figured that the missing piece from my story was a stamp of adventure. I wasn’t roaming to new places or facing unseen mind-jolting problems. I was leaving at the same time for office everyday, and returned at almost the same hour. I ate healthy food and took a nice sleep. There was nothing challenging about my day. I didn’t have the persistent responsibility of keeping everything around organized to make anything perfect. So I thought one amazing thing I could do was adventure sports!

After some googling I realized that I should start with working out to increase my stamina. So I visited this famous gym the next morning. I told my instructor that I intended to go on hiking in about a month’s time. He should train me so that I don’t end up fatigued. I also planned on doing it often, so setting up my diet and exercise schedule was an obvious thing to do. 6 months later, I had taken two trekking trips. Though it exhausted my weekend breaks, it was fun and I also made a couple of friends. Looming back at these 6 months, I still wasn’t convinced. There was no significant risk or ethical dilemma. So I with a friend from gym, decided to go hitchhiking! We had both read a couple of books which created a fancy world of hitchhiker. If I could pull this off, it will suffice a bragging of at least 8-10 months. I packed light and met my friend at the decided highway junction. After over an hour, a truck stopped by. The driver looked drunk. He offered us a ride to the next city where he was to unload his ransack. Without thinking twice, I hopped in. A sunny morning is interesting only till you can manage to skip the blaze of the sun. An Indian summer can be daunting especially when you are of foot on a highway. So when this nice soul of the truck driver offered us a ride, we didn’t think twice. 4 days later we were back from our trip. With empty pockets and challenged spirits, we swore never to hitch hike again. Of the dozen books that allured us to it, none of them mentioned, not getting access to the loo when you need it the most. They didn’t mention that it might mean sleeping in a brothel. It didn’t ever mention about getting kicked in the wrong places by people with dubious intention. Or probably some of them did, but we couldn’t recollect any of it before embarking on this expedition. I didn’t realise I could be robbed off my clothes. That their might be no food for 15 hours at a stretch if you fail to get a ride. The tan looked unbelievably permanent. I couldn’t muster the bones to report to office for a next couple of days. By thighs and feet soles ached for rest. My back couldn’t remember what straight posture meant. My eyes weren’t sure anymore, if they needed sleep, shade or simple plain rest.

I returned to work after a 4 days off. On meeting the same people now, I couldn’t go out to illustrate my journey. As much as I thought I did it to prove it to others, I didn’t think it ended up at all like my imagination. There were no sweet families sharing their food with us. No truck driver invited us to stay over ast his place. We didn’t spot an exotic animal or slept under the shade of a tree with cool breeze blowing off the sweat. There was sleeping under the tree, but only with an endless cycle of mosquito bites, scary sounds and creepy sensations. I didn’t know the exact words to share my ‘adventure’. I didn’t even bother to tell them why, but I had grown out of my zone of comfort for ever. I could see clearly what life could have been. I could see how my hard work of all these years had earned me the comforts of my life. I loved every bit of it. It is not luck that you land in a job which affords you fixed timings and familiar work desk, every day. I had earned all of it. As for the adventure, I think it’s their every day. I don’t need another hitch hiking to justify anything to anyone. I might not agree with this some time in the future. But for now, at least for 5-6 years, I couldn’t imagine doing anything as berserk. THIS is my life and I deserve every bit of certainty and tranquility it offers. If you got a problem with it, well, it’s your problem. Keep it to yourself. Peace.


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