100 Writing Days

So I really liked the way #100happydays created true value of happiness in so many individuals (and their friends on social network, especially facebook)

When I talk to myself, I know, for me, it can only be a ‘100 writing days’ challenge that I would love to take up and make it through.

I am sure I am not the only one who feels it is difficult to write everyday. Even though our lot yearns to express themselves through writing, it is difficult, because it needs a lot of dedication. It needs that undying spirit to not be able to go to bed before writing your piece. So I am starting with #100writingdays

It’s my way to keep up with my life by giving in to the fantasy of being able to share by writing and reading.

I think I will make a quick rule book for myself, so that the blog, despite being an attempt to instill discipline, does not end up being a drag. So here is what I promise myself:

1. Every entry shall be re-read twice before it is posted

2. I will try to keep it over 200 words everyday

With this, I declare, #100writingdays OPEN!



One thought on “100 Writing Days

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